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Radja Still Going to Perform “Cinderella” Despite a Dispute

Putting on Cinderella at Remember November: Radja Strong Stand

Radja, a famous band, has decided to play their famous song “Cinderella” on stage at the Remember November event, even though the song is currently the subject of a legal battle.

Ian Kasela Promises: “Cinderella Will Be Sing”

Radja’s unique voice and face, Ian Kasela, has reassured fans that the group will never not perform “Cinderella.” In his speech, he talked about how important a Copyright Transfer Statement (SPPHC) is by comparing it to a formal deed of transfer.

Legal Status of the Copyright Transfer: There Is No Official Ban

In a conversation in Kemang, South Jakarta, on Tuesday (26/9), Ian went into more detail about how their Copyright Transfer Statement fits into the law. Even though the other person didn’t want to agree, Ian said, “The statement is valid once it’s stamped.” We shared it, even though the person involved doesn’t want to admit it. As long as it stamped, it technically valid.

Radja Stand: No Court Ruling Against Putting on Cinderella

Ian made it clear that as of right now, there has been no court order specifically telling Radja she can’t perform “Cinderella.” As a result, the band still determined to keep playing the song until a court says otherwise. “So, don’t worry about anyone; Radja will definitely play “Cinderella” whenever it’s needed,” he said.

Ian’s Clarification of the Financial Agreement with Ipay

When Ian talked about the money side of the dispute regarding Ipay, the original creator of the disputed song, he explained how much Ipay paid. He said that the amount that thought to be small was in line with what both sides had agreed upon.

“Value varies, but a statement given means it has changed hands since it signed, and not just because of a stamp,” Ian explained.

Background: Ipay is suing Radja in court

The fight started when Ipay sued Radja in court. Ipay told the Jakarta Metro Police that the band stole his song “Cinderella” or claimed it without permission. Ipay says, he never get receive the money for the song, which become a hit in Radja. Radja, on the other hand, says that Ipay officially gave the song to their group and has proof to back this up. The dispute complicated by the law, and there hasn’t been an official court ruling yet.

Radja is fully dedicate to their art and the songs they have, even as they try to find their way through this legal maze. The band plans to show how strong they are and how dedicated they are to their craft at the upcoming Remember November event by performing the beloved song “Cinderella” as a symbol of their musical journey and artistic ethics.