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Ariel: Pre-Peterpan and NOAH Bands

An important Indonesian singer is Nazril Irham, who goes by the name Ariel. He is best known for being the lead singer of Peterpan and NOAH, but he has been making music for a long time. It was Ariel’s work with two bands that made him successful before they became popular that helped shape his career. This essay looks at Cholesterol and Topi’s early jobs and how they changed over time to show Ariel’s early creative journey.

Ariel with Cholesterol

The First Ariel Musical Adventures

Ariel started playing music when he was young and was very good at it. Before he was in Peterpan or NOAH, Ariel started making music with Cholesterol. This early try showed how much he loved music and set the stage for his future.

People in a band

During its short run, Cholesterol had four great artists. You could see Ariel, Qibil, Uki, and Erick in the band. This record is different from Ariel’s later work because of the band part. Even though he would become famous for singing, Ariel didn’t sing. Instead, he played bass guitar, which showed how flexible he was and how eager he was to try new things with music. Qibil did a great job as lead singer.

Success for a Short Time

Cholesterol’s singing career didn’t last long, even though they were good and showed potential. When the band scrapped a bazaar tryout, their good luck came to an end. The band members didn’t go to the test because they were nervous and scared of being on stage. After this important event, cholesterol broke down.

Cholesterol shows how musicians-to-be deal with uncertainty and problems. The band’s trip was short, but Ariel learned important lessons that would help him in his singing career.

Ariel with Topi

Project from the late 1990s

As Ariel’s music changed, he looked for new ways to work with other artists. The late 1990s saw Ariel NOAH start another musical project called Topi. This project, like Cholesterol, changed Ariel’s career and brought her to big musical events.

An Outline

Ariel and Lukman, NOAH’s drummer, got together and made Topi. This chance meeting led to the formation of a band. Ariel, Lukman, Abel, and Andika all worked together to make Topi. The players in this group all loved music and wanted to make something unique.

The Word “Topi”

One question remained after the band was formed: what would they call themselves? Picking a name for the band was important because it would set the tone for their music business. At a brilliant moment, Lukman came up with the idea of “Topi.” His name was simple, but it worked: it was short and unique. The band all agreed that “Topi” should be their name.


To wrap up, Cholesterol and Topi helped shape Ariel’s singing career. Through Cholesterol’s short but hard trip, Ariel learned a lot about music. But Topi started a new part of Ariel’s career by putting him in touch with people he would work with in the future and making it possible for Peterpan and NOAH to win. Ariel’s early musical attempts show how much he loved his craft and wanted to try new things. They also set the stage for his legendary status in Indonesian music.